The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act

  • Aug 31 2020

The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (“COCCA”) is a unique sector of prosecution and a complex area of litigation. The North Metro Drug Task Force (and other joint task forces) will often utilize wiretaps and other sophisticated means of surveillance to complete their investigations.

The Blair Law Office, LLC recently won a case in Adams County where the judge granted our motion to suppress an illegal search. Law enforcement was very disappointed to learn they were unable to use the evidence they illegally seized in this matter, specifically several pounds of drugs and firearms. The case was dismissed, and our client was saved from a mandatory prison sentence.

If you are being investigated for a violation of COCCA or if you have been formally charged, you need an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of the Fourth Amendment, specifically the limitations on law enforcement in terms of exhaustion and minimization. Your case can be defended successfully by holding law enforcement to the standards set forth in the United States Constitution. Make a wise decision when you choose an attorney and call The Blair Law Office at (720) 897-1550 or (888) 694-2093 to learn why we are the best choice in criminal defense for COCCA cases.

Posted in: Drug Crimes